Best Pool Tables Under $1000

Are you in the market for a new pool table, but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best pool tables under $1000. These tables offer great quality, style, and durability, all at an affordable price. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll find a table that suits your needs and budget. So let’s dive in and see which tables made the cut!

1. Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table with Automatic Ball Return

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If you’re looking for the best pool table under $100, nothing beats this offer. For a family to play on, the Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table makes an affordable billiard table that has been manufactured along quality lines, using materials that help to reduce cost and yet ensure the table is durable enough to endure the onslaught of players of all ages who are lightly to treat this product with more enthusiasm than tender loving care.

It is sold at an affordable price (under $1000), making it a much more suitable option for use as a fun table intended for generic family usage.

Included in the price of the table are some essential accessories such as a resin triangle, a small packet of chalk, two billiard cues, each one 57 inches long, and a set of two billiard balls, 21/4 inches in diameter. 

There are also a number of features incorporated into the design of the table, one of which being its automatic ball return, making this billiard table an ideal choice for families to play on. The absence of slate being used ensures a much lighter billiard table which, in itself is fine as it lends itself to being moved about. 

However, this lightweight table also reduces the potential for stability. The manufacturers of the Table, is including auto-ball return in the design of this billiard table have effectively increased the weight of this table sufficiently to also increase its stability. Consequently, its overall weight is 217lbs.

The playing surface is made from high density MDF as opposed to the traditional slate finish. This fiberboard is extremely durable and, at 18mm thick, well-able to cope with raucous treatment it is likely to experience from the wide range of ages who are likely to use the table.

This product is a full-size 7-foot billiard table, with overall measurements of 84 inches by 46 inches by 31.2 inches. The fiberboard playing surface of the table is covered by a blue cloth manufactured from polyester which, in itself, ensures greater tensile strength but, if it does need to be replaced, you can do so for far less than it would cost you to replace a felt wool cloth.

One feature that has not been stipulated by the manufacturers is the rubber bumpers. In the absence of an firm specification it would seem that the table has been fitted with synthetic rubber bumpers, otherwise known as K-55. These cushions are easily likely to outlive the life of this billiard table as, over time, the playing surface that consists of fiberboard, has the capacity to warp. This will eventually reduce the efficacy of the playing surface.

Although the Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table is likely to last for a good few years before this happens, either the integrity of the K-55 rubber bumpers or a warping playing surface, are likely to mean it was time to replace this billiard table with a new one.

2. Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table – Toscana Onyx

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Deciding to buy a Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool Table really is an excellent choice and, although you paid a bit more for your pool table than some of the other versions on the market that don’t cost as much. Much of this additional cost is due to the playing surface being manufactured from the traditional slate which is the most durable playing surface you can possibly get and which will ensure your new pool table will last you many years. You are bound to be delighted with your choice. 

Characteristically, there is a specific difference between billiard tables and pool tables, with the traditional pool table being smaller than the traditional sizes of billiard tables. It is described by its manufacturers as specifically being a pool table so that is how it is described in this review. The dimensions of the table measure 99 inches long, 56 inches wide and 32 inches high.

Bearing these measurements in mind, you do need plenty of space to set this pool table up. When you consider that this pool table is 8 feet 3 inches long and you need to add a further 6 feet in order to be able to manipulate the cues sufficiently, the room you choose to allocate your new table needs to be at least 14 ft long and 11.5 feet wide. The overall weight of the table is 790lbs, reflecting the slate playing surface. The actual dimension of the playing surface is 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. This is made up of three individual pieces of slate that each slot together to make a near-perfect seam-free flat surface.

The weight of the slate is what contributes to the table being so much heavier than many other pool tables. The slate is backed with wood, as well as the cabinet and frame both being made from solid wood. The aprons are also manufactured in solid wood, as are the 17 inch square tapered legs. All of this solid wood also contributes towards the additional weight. When you take all this weight into account, once you have set up your table in its designated location, you are less likely to want to move it again.

It comes complete with various accessories. These include ball racks, chalk, billiard pools, cues, and even a cover for your new pool table. It is a very attractive piece of furniture in its own right so, if you do have sufficient space in your home to allocate enough space for it, then the Harvil Toscana Pool Table would certainly be an excellent choice, having so many assets to recommend it to prospective purchasers.

3. Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

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When it comes to construction, when purchasing a games table for family use, you obviously want the best you can get without paying over the odds. Nevertheless, you do still want value-for-money and a playing surface that will not buckle or be affected by adverse weather conditions, expanding or contracting according to heat or cold. 

However, if you are designating a whole room of your home to your new billiard table then you are going to want one that has looks as well as being functional. If you are currently seeking a new billiard table, either to replace one that has suffered too much wear, or are a completely new and first-time buyer, then you certainly won’t go far wrong by purchasing the Mizerak P5223W1 Donovon II 8-Foot Slate Billiard Table.

It is an attractive billiard table and has more than enough functions and accessories to suit family play. The table is not cheap to buy but neither is it overly expensive. 

A number of accessories come with your billiard table which means that, once you have assembled the legs and decided which room you are going to allocate to your new table, the assembled accessories will enable you to play immediately.

It measures 82 inches long, and 47 inches wide. In other words, this billiard table is a couple of inches shy of 7 feet in length which, when an additional 6 feet is added means that you need to allocate a room 13 feet long to accommodate the table. Apart from the size, you need to bear in mind that you are buying the Mizerak Donovon II Billiard Table for family use and it would be fair to say that this billiard table is likely to be subjected to quite rambunctious treatment at times. Fortunately, the black laminate cabinet has been made to cope with such an onslaught and is both heavy-duty and durably made. The pedestal style legs are reinforced, making them the most durable and heavy-duty design possible and far less likely to get damaged than the traditionally shaped furniture legs.

Furthermore, leg levelers have been incorporated into the legs. These levelers can be adjusted so that your new table will always be level for play, no matter how uneven your actual floor is. Another durable feature is the drop pockets which have been incorporated into the design of the table as internal pockets because this is a stronger option. In fact, it is not just the strength of the pockets that makes it ideal for use in a family setting: the whole design and construction has been made with kids in mind. The table will certainly grow with your kids and still be there when they leave home!

4. Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table with Classic Style Billiard Pockets and Contemporary Straight Legs

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Many people nowadays seem to use the expression ‘pool’ and ‘billiard’ interchangeably although billiard tables are, in fact, manufactured larger than pool tables. 

The game of pool, while similar to billiards, is played with smaller balls; meanwhile, billiard cues tend to be thicker and shorter than the cues used for the game of pool. This review relates to the Fat Cat Frisco II Billiard Table and, although this product does get referred to as a pool table, GDL who are the manufacturers, describe their product as being a billiard table.

When shopping for a billiard table – or even a pool table, come to that – one of the first things you need to ascertain is how much space you have available in the location where you intend to set it up. One of the first things that often gets forgotten is the need for adequate space to be left all around the billiard table in order to be able to manipulate the cues properly. So, to ensure play can take place properly, with enough space to wield the cues, you need to ensure that you have at least 6 feet spare all the way round the location where your new billiard table is going to stand.

It measures 89.5 inches long by 50.5 inches wide and is 31 inches in height. The actual table weighs 231lbs although you need to allow additional weight for shipping: the shipping weight is 267lbs. The size of the playing field measures 78 inches by 39 inches. It comes complete with all the accessories necessary for immediate play, as soon as you have assembled the billiard table. When delivered, the top is all in one piece but you will need to attach each of the legs and then haul your new billiard table upright. The accessories included in the table include a set of billiard balls, 2 pieces of chalk, and a pair of 57 inch long cues.

The billiard table is beautifully made, with an AccuslateTM play surface, sufficiently deep at 1 inches to reduce warping, making it a particularly durable alternative to the traditional slate. Accuslate is a quality surface and comes with a 7 year warranty from the manufacturer. It features a 6 inch rail around the play surface, neatly inlaid with a diamond pattern for added aesthetic appeal. The quality of the table can also be seen with the genuine rubber K66 bumpers instead of being fitted with synthetic K55 bumpers, and the veneer mahogany wood beveled legs. Overall, this pool table is an excellent product, offering the owner a good quality piece of furniture as well as a well-manufactured table for playing billiards.

There are two types of pool tables, large professional tables and smaller non-professional tables. Professional ones will typically be found in bars, casinos, game rooms in schools and other public places. Individuals who just love the game exceptionally may also have them in their homes. Smaller non-professional tables are highly portable and can be found virtually everywhere especially at home.
If you are looking for a professional pool table then you need to know exactly what to look at in order to acquire one that will last years.

How to Choose The Best Pool Tables Under $1000

If you want a budget pool table that will keep customers coming to your bar or restaurant or to your game room or to encourage your friends to keep coming to your home then you must put quality before anything else.

The quality of a billiard table and its accessories attracts or keeps away players, the same way video game graphics attract or repel players.

Directions to a High Quality Budget Pool Table

Buying a professional pool table, even under 1000 USD, is a serious budget prospect which must be handled with utmost caution. So what do you check for in your quality?

  • What are the materials used to make the table? This is a question of the type of wood used to make the cabinet, the tabletop and legs. How reinforced are the corners and with what materials? If all the answers to these questions are positive then you have a high quality pool table. Hardwood timber, steel and fiber glass go hand in hand with quality.
  • What are the accuracy levels on the tabletop? The table must be properly leveled and the angles on the holes consistent. The pool table should also have all the standard measurements expected.
  • Of what quality is the tabletop cover? A long lasting tabletop cover should be woolen and one thick enough to withstand wear and tear.
  • How many accessories are provided? You should always look for a pool table that comes with enough and extra if possible accessories; three to four cues instead of two, two sets of balls, two triangles, two brushes and several chalks. The accessories must also be of good quality especially for the cues and balls.
  • How user-friendly is the design? Playing billiards requires a high degree of movement and different feet-positions so you need to buy a table which allows the players to place their bodies comfortably around the table, especially for the feet there should be no limitations.

Making the Purchase Decision For a Pool Table

It is always a good idea to do a market survey before procuring any item especially for items as expensive as over $1000.

Pool tables have been there for a long time and this also means there are manufacturers who have experience in the business, take your time to find out who offers the highest quality tables at a budget.

Having taken care of that, sift through each brand for prices, discounts or specials and choose the best offer available. Performing an online search for the brands is usually the best way to go about any survey. There are several billiard table reviews online both from buyers and experts to help you through your selection process.

You must always insist on high quality pool tables because otherwise you might find yourself with junk and what junk means here is that the pool table will start wearing off in less than a year and you will have wasted some good money. Quality with good prices remains the best option.

Best Pool Tables Under $1000- The Buying Guide

Pool tables are a popular feature of games rooms and entertainment areas around the world, providing hours of friendly competition for many. There are many different pool tables available, but this guide will help you choose one to suit your requirements.

Room to move

Your first consideration will be related to the amount of space you have available for the table. American Pool tables vary between 7 and 9 feet while English Pool tables are usually 6 to 7 feet in length.

Their width varies between 3 and 6 feet. In addition, you need about 5ft on all sides for players to move around in. The tournament size for the English Pool Association is 7ft, and this is a popular size for home pool tables.
Check that you can fit the table through the entrance to the room you want to put it in – before you buy it!

American or English

Other than the difference in table sizes as mentioned above, American Pool is played with slightly larger balls, and different cues to accommodate the bigger balls. English Pool tables are often more popular for homes because they are smaller.

The bed

The bed – the playing area – is obviously an important part of the pool table. Traditionally made from slate, an affordable alternative is a bed made from MDF. MDF is lighter than slate, but is prone to warping, particularly in extreme temperatures or if it gets wet. Thicker MDF will last longer, and some manufacturers reinforce the MDF with steel rods which helps prevent warping.
Slate beds usually consist of three pieces that are screwed into the frame. Slate is more durable but it is more expensive than MDF tables. It is also a lot heavier, and this can impact on delivery costs, so factor that into your budget as well.

Pool Table Frame and Cloth

Traditionally the frame, or cabinet, is made of wood. Pool tables are available in a variety of wood finishes, including cherry, teak, oak and black wood.

The legs of the table may be traditional, carved legs, or ‘modern’ with straighter legs and less carving and detail. Today pool tables are available in veneers as well, some with a metallic finish for a more trendy appearance. Some lighter, more affordable tables have folding legs so they can be stored out of the way.

The cloth is the wool or felt covering that you play on. Cloths are available in a variety of colors, including blue, red, gray and purple. The traditional cloth color of green remains the most popular, however, and most pool tables will combine this with a cherry wood finish.

Pool Table Features and Accessories

In addition to the wood finish and cloth, most pool tables have an option of vinyl or leather pockets. Leather pockets are quieter and more traditional, but the vinyl pockets tend to last longer. The leather is more expensive as well.

Some pool tables are available with automated ball return, making the retrieval of balls much more convenient.

Ball racks are available in two sizes of triangle (to fit American or English balls) as well as in a diamond shape. The diamond is used in a slightly different version of pool called 9-ball.
You will need pool cues which are available in a variety of lengths to suit different players, as well as different types.

A good quality pool cue should last many years, but if you are buying cues for children, it may not be worth spending too much as they will soon outgrow them (or break them). A bridgehead cue will be needed, and of course you will need billiard chalk. Check that you are buying the right cues for the type of balls – American balls are bigger and the cue tips are bigger to suit.

Some models of pool tables are available with conversion tops. These are tops that fit onto the pool table, covering (and protecting) the bed. Some tops convert your pool table into a dining table allowing you to use the table for meals. This is often a good way to convince the wife to get a pool table!

Table tennis conversion tops convert the table for use as a table tennis surface, making it a dual purpose games table.

Outdoor pool tables have specially treated frames to withstand the elements, with a waterproof cloth. A full table cover is recommended to ensure the table is protected when outside.

There are used pool tables available online and in stores. Check the condition of the bed, the cabinet, the rails, pockets and cloth. If possible, shoot a few balls on the table before purchasing it to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Pool Table Lighting

Pool table lighting is very important. The lights above the table should cover the entire length of the table, which is why you will often see two or three lights hanging above a pool table. Dim light affects our depth perception, and too much light will result in glare, so the balance in terms of lighting can affect how you play.

When hanging the lights, bear in mind that players may raise the back of their cues for certain shots, so make sure the lights are high enough to avoid being hit by cues. Generally, the lights should be about 32 inches above the surface of the pool table.

Whatever your choice of table, pool tables are popular in homes, pubs, and clubs around the world. They provide a great opportunity for friends and family to play a game together, provided the healthy competition does not simmer over! A good quality pool table will last years and years, although the cloth will need to be replaced as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear.

With the beautiful variations available, your pool table can become the central feature in your entertainment area, whether indoors or outdoors.

Which Pool Table Size?

Pool table sizes can be quite confusing. If you are shopping for a pool table, you will find British pool tables and American pool tables offered in different sizes with balls and cues to suit. Which one you choose depends on a number of factors.

English pool tables are usually 6ft x 3ft, or 7ft x 4ft. This is considerably smaller than the American pool tables, harking back to the introduction of pool in Britain in the 1960s. Snooker was already being played in dedicated snooker rooms around the UK, but pool was brought into the many pubs where space was at a premium. Patrons playing darts and standing at the bar did not leave room for the big American tables that originated in large pool halls, so the tables were made smaller to fit the space available.

Because English pool tables were smaller, the balls were made smaller too – 2 inches in diameter rather than the 2 and ¾ inch balls used in American pool. Cue tips were narrowed down from 12 to 13mm to the 8 or 9 mm standard with English pool tables today. The size of the pockets in English pool tables is also smaller, with a different type of cushion to that found in American pool tables. The English Pool Association regulation size is 7ft, and this is the size of the tables used in competition in the UK.
American pool tables vary, and they can be found in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, and even 10ft lengths. The 9ft table is considered a full-size American pool table. American pool was played in pool halls and large homes where there was ample space to accommodate these large tables.

English pool takes the form of eight ball pool, which is played with seven red and seven yellow balls, and the eight ball – a black ball. Each player must pocket all the balls in their respective color and then the eight ball in order to win. Nine ball pool is played with nine balls that are racked in a diamond rather than a triangle. The object of nine-ball is to pocket the balls in no particular order until someone pockets the nine ball. American pool is played with balls marked with spots or stripes. Today the different varieties of the game are mixed together and played on either table.

When selecting a pool table for your home, there are two main factors to consider. The first is the size of the room you want to put the table into. It is generally recommended that you have at least 5 ft of space around the table. If you want a 7ft table, the room will have to be at least 17ft long to accommodate players and cues.

Your second consideration should be the players. If you are buying the table for your family, and you have young children, a 7ft table is going to make it difficult for them to play. You can get kids pool tables of 4ft 6in and 5ft lengths, but these might not give adults an enjoyable game. A 6ft table is a good size for a family table and will give both adults and kids hours of enjoyment.

A smaller table is better for beginners too, as it is easier to play when the distances are not too large. A smaller distance to cover with each shot also allows for more error in angles, making it easier for beginners to play pool.

Pool cues come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit people of different heights. Most English pool tables are installed with 48-inch pool cues as standard equipment. Young children will benefit from smaller, shorter and lighter cues. A full-size cue is 57 inches long and can be difficult to work within a small room. Unless you are a seasoned player with particular preference, start with the cues supplied with the table before spending money on other sizes.

Although pool table sizes vary greatly, you will have to settle for the pool table that fits into the area you have available in your home. It is better to have a smaller pool table and be able to play and move around It comfortably than to have to adjust your angle of play to avoid hitting the walls with the back end of the cue.

American Pool Tables

Pool originated in the United States, where it was played in large pool halls or in mansions where space was of no concern. American pool tables are therefore larger than the English pool tables that were downsized to fit into crowded pubs when the game was introduced in the UK in the 1960s.

American pool tables are available in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and even 10ft lengths – some manufacturers even make 12 ft tables. When you consider that at least 5ft of free space is needed around the table for play to take place, you can see why these pool tables are only found in large homes.

Because these tables are bigger, they are played with bigger pool balls – 2 ¾ inch instead of the 2 inch balls used on English pool tables. The cues have wider tips, and are often longer and thicker to assist players to cover the longer distances on these large tables. The pockets are of course bigger to accommodate the bigger balls, and the cushioning system differs as well.

American pool is traditionally played with balls marked with stripes and spots, with the eight ball being a plain black ball. Nowadays the different varieties are mixed, so you can play with American pool balls on an English pool table, and the traditional English pool games of eight or nine ball on an American pool table.

If you have sufficient space for American pool table, it will certainly provide a challenging and entertaining game. Most American pool tables are too large for children to play on as they struggle with the distances they have to hit the balls.  A 7ft table is recommended if you have children who would like to play, but the full size 9ft American pool table is likely to be a bit of struggle for kids.

A larger table not only needs more space, it also needs more lighting. Your pool table needs to be evenly lit across the entire length of the table, and with the bigger American pool tables you may find you need as many as three overhead lights.

One factor that is often overlooked when buying such a large table is whether it will fit through the entrance to your home and into the specific room you have in mind. Measure the entrance carefully to ensure you can fit your big American pool table through the door.

If you buy an American pool table with a slate bed, it is going to be extremely heavy and difficult to transport and install. You may find yourself paying additional delivery charges because of this.

Some American pool tables have three sections to the slate bed, making it easier to move around. These will be carefully put together on site – and you will need this done by the professional installation crew to make sure the table bed is perfectly straight and even.

Adjusting to American Pool Tables

You will find that adjusting to the bigger table if you have previously played on small pool tables will take time. You will need to adjust your stroke to cover greater distances, and those distances are less forgiving when it comes to angled shots. A full size American pool table is 9ft long and 4 ½ foot wide – a challenging and entertaining feature in any home.

6ft Pool Tables

Most people looking for a pool table for their home will be constrained by the amount of space available. They may also have children who will want to play too, and a 6ft pool table makes an ideal home table for this situation.

What are 6ft Pool Tables

Unless you are buying a kids pool table, a 6ft pool tables will be an English pool table. American pool tables generally start at 7ft in length. English pool tables are either 6ft or 7ft tables.

Your English pool table will have pool balls that are 2 inches in diameter, with pockets to suit. The opening diameter of the pocket is 1.6 times the diameter of the ball, and the larger American pool balls will not fit into an English pool table’s pockets. Because the size of the balls differs, you will need English pool cues, with tips that are 8 to 9mm, rather than the 12 to 13mm of American cues.

A history of 6ft Pool Tables

Traditionally, English pool was played with yellow and red balls, in games called eight ball or nine ball pool. American pool featured balls with spots and stripes. The format of the games is slightly different as well. Nowadays, the varieties have become mixed up, and you will be able to get both types of balls for an English or American pool table.

A 6ft pool table will need a room that is 16ft long and 13 ft wide. This is to allow a 5ft space all around the table – the minimum recommended for comfortable play with a standard 48-inch cue. A 6ft table is popular for home use because it is big enough to provide a challenging game without requiring too much space.

Some American pool tables can be 10ft long, which is often too large for home use.
A big advantage of a 6ft table is that children of most ages, except the very young, will be able to play on it. Pool tables are not inexpensive, and the table cloth can easily be ruined by young children. By the time they are 9 or 10 though, most children will be able to play on a 6ft pool table without causing too much damage.

Beginners will appreciate the smaller size of a 6ft table. It is easier to play pool when the distances are shorter, and a small table allows for a bigger margin of error in the angle of the shot. It is difficult to move from a small 6ft pool table to an American pool table which can be as long as 10ft, as the difference in distances means that the ball must be struck harder.

If your intention is to have fun at home, then a 6ft table is ideal. If however, you would like to enter competitions or tournaments, you should consider a 7ft table – the English Pool Association’s regulation size.

For an evening’s entertainment with family and friends, a 6ft pool table is perfect. Large enough to provide a challenging game for amateurs, yet small enough to fit in the average home, a 6ft table will provide years of enjoyment to the whole family.

7ft Pool Table

A 7ft pool table is the English Pool Association’s regulation size, and a popular choice for play in homes worldwide.  There are two types of pool table, English and American. The 7ft pool table would be considered a large English pool table, but it is the smallest American pool table you will find.

Pool originated in America, where it was played in vast pool halls with ample space for these large tables. American pool tables can be found in up to 10ft lengths, so the space needed for them is considerable.

When pool was brought to the UK, pool tables had to compete with patrons, dart boards and tables for space in the pubs they were introduced to, and therefore the tables were made smaller. Although you do get some English pool tables in 8ft sizes, they are usually only available in 6ft or 7ft.

7ft Pool Table Uses

A 7ft table is ideal for home play, although small children may struggle with the distances. A smaller table will be easier for kids and beginners to play on, as the shorter distances are more forgiving on the amateur player. Before you buy a small table to suit the children, remember that they will grow – and you don’t want to have to replace your table in the near future. It may be preferable to let them struggle for a little while until they do grow a few inches, or if you can afford it, get a smaller kids pool table for them to play on in the meantime.
In English Pool terms, a 7ft table is the bigger table, used in tournaments and competitions regulated by the EPA. For playing at home, you will need 5ft of clear space around the table for comfortable play. This means your room will have to be at least 17ft long to accommodate a 7ft pool table, and 14 ft wide. English pool is played with balls that are 2 inches in diameter, with pockets to suit. Your pool table will often be supplied with 48 inch cues, suitable for the average amateur player.

American 7ft Pool Table

An American 7ft pool table will have bigger pool balls, slightly bigger cues and of course bigger pockets in the table to accommodate the 2 ¾ inch balls. American pool is played with balls marked as spots or stripes, where each player must sink all of their balls before sinking the black ball to win the game. British or English pool is played with seven red balls and seven yellow balls, either in eight ball or nine ball pool. Today all three varieties are played on both types of tables, and the preference is personal rather than dictated by the type of table you buy.
A 7ft table may need more than one overhead light to provide even lighting across the whole table, and this should be considered when you purchase the table as well. Too much light can cause glaring, and too little can make it difficult to get your depth perception right. Bigger tables need more light, with some tables featuring two and even three overhead lights.
A 7ft pool table is ideal for home use, large enough to provide a challenging game without making it too difficult for beginners and children. If you have the space to accommodate a 7ft pool table, it will prove a good investment, providing hours of fun for family and friends. And if anyone really takes to the game, they’ll have practiced on the tournament regulation size – and be ready for the big time.

Understanding the Different Types of Pool Tables

Many types of pool tables exist just like many types of games of pool, or billiards exist.  It just depends upon what game of pool is being played and the location it is being played.  Snooker and eight-ball are some examples of the games of pool and these games can be played at home, in a pub, a pool hall, a recreation center, a bowling alley, the list goes on and on.
In the home, it is important to remember that a pool table is a piece of furniture and should fit in well with its surroundings within the home.
Here are the different types of pool tables that you can choose from:

1. Slate pool tables

As any good pool or billiards player knows, a pool table requires a flat, level surface to play on and slate pool tables fit the bill.
A slate pool table is more expensive and is better quality than the other alternatives on the market.  Most people refer to the surface of a pool table as slate, even though the surface can actually be made of synthetic materials such as medium density fiberboard (M.D.F.), hardwood, granite or other materials that go by specific manufacturer names.

Slate Pool Tables the material

Slate is a natural, stone type material.

Slate pool tables last longer and hold up to spills better than the alternatives made of other materials.  Slate is much heavier than the synthetic materials commonly used, so it is better to have an experienced pool table assembly crew assemble the pool table as opposed to tackling this very heavy project on your own

This behemoth is very hard to knock off level.  The experienced tournament player prefers the slate pool table as opposed to the non-slate version.

The slate is most commonly 1 inch thick, but less expensive versions are three-quarters of an inch thick.  Normally, the table slate comes in three pieces.  A two-inch thick wood substrate should be under the slate with a center support beam.

Slate Pool Tables the price

As mentioned previously, slate pool tables are significantly more expensive than their non-slate counterparts but they will last much longer and offer a more classic look.  Due to its significant weight, even a three piece slate table is very heavy. The ability to assemble the table on your own is not very likely or recommended.

Billiards, or pool, started sometime around the 15th century as an indoor game similar to croquet played on a table. It was originally played on the floor.  The first pool tables probably appeared in France or England and the game moved up from the floor to the table.

At first, the table didn’t have rails so the balls just rolled off the side.  The 18th century saw the game rise in popularity and come to gain popularity in the United States.

Somewhere around 1856, John Thurston introduced slate to be used as the pool table surface.  The slate comes from a quarry and is precision laser cut into three pieces.  The pieces are certified to have come from the same slab of slate.  Three pieces are used because they are lighter, less likely to be broken and they make it easier to level the surface of the pool table.

Slate pool tables are high in quality; however, they are also higher in price.  Keep in mind the space the table is to go in when purchasing a pool table.  It is certainly not impossible to find a quality M.D.F. pool table that may suit your needs a little better.  Pool, or billiards, is a fun family game and the pool table can be a very attractive focal point of any recreation room, den, bar, or any room where the family can get together and enjoy a game or two.

2. Pub pool tables

Pub pool tables are pool tables that are commonly seen in the local pub, saloon, bar, pool hall, bowling alley, etc.  The common pub pool table is approximately 8 feet in length by 4 and ½ feet in width and should have more than double that dimension of space to be properly played.
This size is, more than likely, different from most home pool tables which are smaller versions.  The game, however, is played the same.

These tables may be made of oak for a more classic look or fiberglass or metal and decorated with corporate logos depending on the location of the table.  It is a pocket table for indoor use usually with a slate top for maximum durability.

Bars, or pubs, commonly have at least a few pub pool tables to draw in more of a crowd and keep that crowd in place.  People drink as they are playing pool and the more the people play pool, the more they drink.  The tables are commonly coin operated thus bringing in more money.

The pool table can become the centerpiece of the bar and the big star money maker.  The more pool tables in the bar, the more money a bar will more than likely make during the night.

Money or drinks, or possibly both, are common bets placed on the game of pool thus enhancing the money making capability for the bar owner.  Many times the pool table has a waiting list of people just wanting to get into the game and test their skill. The pool table can also help to bring a desired look into a bar or pool hall.

Pub pool table usage

Pub pool tables are commonly the social center of many different public places.

In bowling alleys, the pool table is where people may go to socialize between games of bowling.  Recreation centers may have the pool table as one of the focal points of the whole center.

Some colleges even offer pool or billiards as an elective class, that’s how important the game has become in our society.  Some see pool as a gentleman’s game while others envision pool being played in smoky bars by questionable characters late at night. Still, others see it as being played by sports fans at a party.

All of these assumptions are correct.  Pool has become a fairly important part of our society.  Social situations are discussed over the pool table as well as business deals being closed over the pool table.

Pub pool table culture

Pub pool tables like it or not, have become a part of our culture.  People who are good at playing pool may get into a business conversation or maybe initiate that conversation with a member of the opposite sex.  Not just in the United States but in Europe as well, the pool table has become a cultural icon.
Just think of the movies that stand out when the words pool table are mentioned such as The Hustler or The Color of Money featuring Tom Cruise and the late legendary Paul Newman.

3. Reconditioned Pool Tables Under 1000

Reconditioned pool tables are a less expensive alternative to going out and purchasing a brand new pool table.  The pool table is a piece of furniture in the home and for this reason any damaged areas on the pool table will have been repaired if you purchase one.

Usually, the surface has been re-clothed.  Many times the table has been sanded down and refinished revitalizing the surface to make it look new again.

If the slate had been damaged it will be repaired or replaced so that the balls roll smoothly across the surface.  New bumpers have typically been used to give more bounce when making those difficult bank shots.  The whole goal of any restorer of a used pool table is that it looks new and plays like a brand new pool table.

Save money with Reconditioned Pool Tables

Bar owners may find reconditioned pool tables to be an excellent way to save money when purchasing pool tables for their establishment.  They may even be able to save enough to buy an extra pool table or other pub game and increase the crowd size thus increasing the amount of money spent in their establishment on any given night.
The pool table is almost a business necessity for the bar owner and like any business necessity, the goal is to keep costs down and get profits to go up.  The reconditioned table often comes with a warranty at least comparable to a brand new table and sometimes even better.

Assembling Reconditioned Pool Tables

Just like the brand new versions, the reconditioned table will probably require an experienced assembly crew to set it up and ensure that it is level.

Reconditioned pool tables will play no different than the brand new version and with possibly some minor flaws will look just as good.  If that old pool table that has been sitting in the basement for several years is in need of some tender loving care it can be reconditioned as well and brought back to nearly its original state.

If the existing pool table doesn’t quite match the room that it’s in anymore due to remodeling, you can get it refinished to match the look of the room.  Sometimes, if a pool table has been played a lot, over time it can lose some of its beauty and playability.  This would be a great time to get it reconditioned.

Sometimes, particularly in a commercial setting, a pool table will need to be converted to a coin-operated table and this can be done by reconditioning a used non-coin operated table.
When purchasing reconditioned pool tables, be sure to ask a couple of questions before laying out your hard earned money.

  • What work has been done to recondition the table?
  • Was the work done by a certified person and where was the work done on the table?
  • How old is the table?
  • Does it come with a warranty and what does the warranty cover?

Also, be sure to ask about delivery and set up.  Most reputable dealers have experienced crews on hand to deliver your table and professionally set it up to ensure that it is level and ready for play.

4. Outdoor Pool Tables Under $1000

Outdoor pool tables are an excellent solution if not enough playing room is available in the home or for bars with an outdoor sports theme.  Outdoor tables are made of weather resistant materials but otherwise, look and play the same as their indoor counterparts.

An outdoor pool table is one that is weatherproof so that the game of pool, or billiards, may be played outdoors.  This is particularly convenient if the inside of the home doesn’t have enough room for a pool table.  The fabric of a pool table located outdoors is an all-weather fabric.  The pockets are made of a weather-resistant material such as plastic, nylon, or any other material that may stand up to the weather conditions.

What are Outdoor Pool Table’s made from

Pool tables made for the outdoors must be all weather to take the abuse from all of the weather conditions experienced.  U.V. resistant is a great quality for the felt of an outdoor table to have.

They are typically made of fiberglass, plastic or aluminum, essentially any rustproof material.  These tables are normally finished with a powder coat or some other noncorrosive finish.

The rules of the game are exactly the same as those of the indoor version, in fact, many outdoor tables can be used indoors as well.  Even the pool balls are the same as the indoor game.  Pool tables that are suitable for outdoors usually have a cover.

The outdoor pool table shares many of the same attributes with its indoor counterpart.  The World Billiards Champions often go on tour showing their talents and play on outdoor tables.

Many times an outdoor pool tournament is also accompanied by a beach volleyball tournament or a horseshoe tournament.  Outdoor pool is typically played during the summer months in climates that aren’t quite so warm all year round.  Many times outdoor tables can be purchased at the same places as indoor tables.

The atmosphere an Outdoor Pool Table creates

Nothing can create outdoor social gathering quite like the outdoor pool table.  Used as a big money-making machine by many indoor/outdoor bars, the table can be used to keep drinkers occupied as they wait in line to get in on a game of beach volleyball or horseshoes.

Many tables are coin operated and bring in more money with that option.  Once a bar opens its doors to the outdoors it can effectively increase, even double its occupancy thus making a busy night even more financially lucrative for the bar owner and his vendors, making him an even more valuable customer to them because his orders will be bigger and more frequent.

At home, the outdoor pool table can become an important centerpiece for social gatherings.  People can come over to the house and not be confined to various forms of indoor entertainment.  The table can then increase the entertaining space of the home and make the owner more secure in the thought that his or her property inside the home will not be damaged.  People love to play pool, especially outside.

Friends may come over just to enjoy a quiet evening and play a few friendly games and enjoy a few beverages.  The game of pool has moved to the outdoors back to where it originally started as a form of croquet, only this time it stayed on the table.

5. Folding Pool Tables Under $1000

The folding pool table is an excellent alternative for those who would like a pool table but are a little short on space and can’t put a large piece of furniture in their home.
The surface of the folding table is most often made of medium density fiberboard or M.D.F.  This smaller and most definitely more economical version can still be used in the home to sharpen the skills of the game without totally engulfing an entire room’s space.  To make it more convenient, it can be taken outdoors to the deck for social gatherings.

What does a Folding Pool Table offer

A folding pool table offers versatility that may not be possible with one of its larger counterparts.  It can be set up very quickly in a variety of locations.  Have you got a game night lined up but the kids are asleep in the house?  Move the party to the garage, the deck, the patio or out by the fire pit.  All that is needed is a hard and fairly level surface.  The legs can be shimmed up to make the playing surface level if needed.  Nothing is worse than trying to line up that critical shot on a wobbly table.
Don’t want to shell out the big money for a larger permanent pool table.  A folding pool table can save the consumer money.  It is significantly lighter and much more portable.  Instead of heavy and expensive slate on the surface, a folding table will have M.D.F., hardwood, or some lightweight alternative that will still allow the pool balls to roll straight and true.  Some tables are even on wheels to allow them to be easily relocated.  A folding table can be easily stored when not in use in a closet or some other out of the way location making it quick to bring out at a moment’s notice.

Folding Pool Table at parties

A folding pool table can be a lifesaver for the host of any party.  If the gathering is in danger of running out of steam the folding table can be brought out to breathe new life into the party.  The pool table is used often as a social gathering place.  People gather around to experience friendly competition and company.
Friends will have a place to gather around and enjoy great conversation and share a few beverages, even watch the big game.  Many times a pool game will be an integral part of a poker night.  Even the tables look similar, minus the pockets of course.  The pool table can be used as the center of a family gathering or even family game night.
Enjoy a friendly game of pool anytime people get together in a social setting where they can enjoy each others’ company.  Sometimes, a business meeting can be held around a pool table as well.  Having a folding table in the home makes these gatherings easier to have and could offer the owner many opportunities.  Not only can the folding table be easy and convenient, it can open up opportunities for the owner.
A folding pool table is one of a few types of pool tables that offer extreme portability and storage capability so that a large amount of space isn’t required in the home.  These are excellent for children to play on.

6. Tabletop pool table

These tables are excellent for quick and easy play and storage and also excellent for children.
A tabletop pool table can be a great, convenient, inexpensive way to practice playing the game of pool from the comfort of your own home without having to go out and spend a small fortune pumping quarters into the table at the local bar or recreation center.
The game is played just like the larger version except that everything is shrunk down.  The surface of the table is made of medium density fiberboard (M.D.F.), hardwood, or possibly some lightweight synthetic material.
Some of these tables can even be made of glass. This type of pool table can even be made at home and usually can be made in an afternoon.  Many times it can be converted to a poker table or ping pong table.  Other popular games also come in tabletop versions such as foosball.

Tabletop Pool Table weight

The tabletop pool table is lightweight and portable and when not in use, can be stored in a closet or spare room until its ready to be used.  The sticks are usually able to be broken down for easy storage.  The pool balls are also smaller keeping in proportion to the pool table.
This pool table is often significantly less expensive than its larger counterpart.  The entire room of the house doesn’t have to be re-arranged to accommodate the pool table.  Just bring it out of storage and place it on top of any existing table in the house, on the deck, on the patio, in the garage, in the back yard, anywhere you’d like to play.  The only requirements are having a table large enough to set the pool table on and it should be leveled or at least be able to be leveled easily.
A social gathering can be moved to any location with the ease and convenience of the tabletop pool table.  If the party is getting a little boring, no problem, just bring out the pool table and start playing the game.
The game of pool can often be seen being the social gathering spot wherever it is located whether it is in a bar, recreation center or at home.  Set it up while watching the big game for something to keep everyone occupied.  Perhaps you need a little practice playing before going out for a pool night with your friends.
Set up the table and shoot a few games with family or friends.  If you’re looking for a fun game on the family game night, shoot a few games of tabletop pool.  Suppose a friend has bragged one too many times about how unbeatable he is at the game of pool.  Bring out the tabletop game and see if he can put his money where his mouth is.

Tabletop Pool Table tournaments

A tabletop pool table is inexpensive, convenient and versatile.  A party can be easily adapted into a mini pool tournament.  For instance suppose the game gets rained out or postponed, bring out the pool table and keep the guests entertained.  Bring together friends and family with a night of friendly competition around your own pool table.  It may be much easier than you would at first think.

7. Mini pool table

This pool table is also a great alternative to its larger counterpart for easy storage and play.  Many times these tables will be used for children to play.
The mini pool table can be an excellent alternative to larger more expensive pool tables and can be used on a desktop, on a tabletop, in an office or den, in a playroom, in a game room, anywhere that the game of pool may be enjoyed.  Mini pool tables come in tabletop versions or standalone versions.  The mini table is just like a big pool table except that everything is smaller.  Even the balls and sticks have been shrunk down to be in scale with the table.  They are often made of hardwood or a lightweight synthetic material and have a felt surface just like the larger tables.  These tables are fun for both children and adults.

What is the mini pool table?

The mini pool table can be a very convenient form of entertainment at adult parties.  Enjoy a game of pool while watching the game and enjoying a few beverages.  Take it out poolside.  While the food is cooking on the grill bring the pool table out on the deck or patio.  Put the table out on the enclosed porch and enjoy a few friendly games while enjoying whatever weather is going on that day.  Use the table to practice playing for when you go out on the town so that you look like a seasoned pro.  With the mini table you can play pool as often as you’d like anywhere you’d like to play and you’re not limited by how many quarters you have.  If your home doesn’t have enough room for a large pool table, a mini table may be the perfect answer.
Mum and Dad like to play pool on the big fancy pool table and the kids would like to play as well but Mom and Dad are a little concerned that the kids may damage the big table, becoming more expensive with repairs.  The miniature pool table is ideal in this situation.  The smaller size makes this pool table ideal for children.  When it’s rainy outside and the kids need something to do besides more video games, the mini pool table comes to the rescue.  Children can play with their friends or just keep themselves occupied playing a few games.
Not only are they inexpensive, but mini pool tables can actually be made at home in a relatively short period of time (usually an afternoon) at home.  Simple materials such as wood, felt, spray on adhesive, and a moderate amount of skill with hand tools can be used to make a miniature pool table customized to your own needs and painted to match your tastes.

Mini Pool Table uses

The mini pool table can be used to entertain adults during a social function, turn on the creative juices while brainstorming a project, or to keep the kids entertained while at the same time avoiding costly damage to the bigger significantly more expensive household pool table.  Kids think they’re absolutely great.  This pool table is a great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, or other gift giving occasions. It is not just for kids but for adults too.
Novelty types of pool tables also exist in various sizes, shapes, and styles.  Pool table beds are most commonly made of slate but can also be made of medium density fiberboard (M.D.F.) or other various materials called by other manufacturer specific names.
If a pool table has pockets they may be made of plastic, leather, cloth, or any other similar synthetic material.  The surface of a pool table is surfaced with cloth, mistakenly called felt, and may be made of almost any similar material.  The rails (or cushions) of a pool table are usually made of rubber or a synthetic material similar to rubber.  When purchasing a pool table keep in mind the look that will fit in the area where it will be located and remember that a cheaper price doesn’t necessarily mean that the table is made of quality materials.

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