10 Best Games to Play At a Bar

Long time back, bars used to be simply places to drink, smoke and talk. Time has evolved, and now you find many entertaining games to play in your local bar that keep you awake all night. It’s interesting to have some friendly games in your bar as you all make merry with your drinks. This games not only will they keep the guests entertained, they will also keep them for long and as a result drink more.

If you intend to improve the appearance of your bar and attract more customers, you need to find some interesting games for your customers. Some games are registered with regulating bodies. This regulating bodies often hold competitions where participants will come with crowds of fans to cheer them as they play. This is an advantage if the competition venue lands to your bar. You will have many guests to entertain and as a result make more profit and also sell the good image of your bar which will definitely result to more guests in the future.

Factors to Consider Before establishing Games to Your Bar

You may have a very nice game idea for your bar, but not every type of game will fit your specific establishment. Here are some few things you should consider before choosing a game for your bar


Before you decide what type of games to fix in your bar, you should consider the space your bar has. Billiards, Arcade games, and Pinball can bring in a lot of customers, but they take up a lot of space, so use them in a large establishment.

Customer base

Offering games at your bar can be a good idea as well as a disadvantage depending on the types of customers you have and the type of games you choose. For example, Billiards and Arcade games are popular with older people, while Interactive games, Hockey tables, Uno, Beer pongs and Flip cup better fit the younger crowd.

Your Bar’s Atmosphere

In addition to your customer base, consider the atmosphere in your bar. Nothing ruins a quiet and calm atmosphere than loud gaming machines. On the other hand, it may be hard for guests to play board or card games in Karaoke establishments.

Different games are best played in different venues. Some games are indoors and others outdoors. I have compiled a list of the best games you can have in your bar in their respective categories as either, Table games, throwing, aiming and bowling games, card games, board strategy games and the crowd favorite or college games.

Best Table Games For Bar

Pool Table Snooker/Billiards

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Pool tables are common features in many bars and pubs. It’s a game that is obviously one of the favorite among many, in fact, people refer to it as a staple among renowned bar games and true to that because it’s also my favorite.

Pool refers to a set of pocket billiard games played with one cue ball and 15 object balls on a table with six straight-edged pockets and knife-edged rails.

It started as a billiard in the late 15th century and then evolved to make it even more interesting. Many bars have pool tables, some nicer than others depending on the size, design or price. Different bars also have devised their own unique house rules that apply to particular games played.

There are many fun pool games to play at the bar, including 9-ball, cutthroat, bumper pool and many other billiard games.  As a beginner, you will get all the help you need from the basic billiard practice tips, and also from the many guidelines on how to play pool that will also help you get started.


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This is another classic table game for the bar. Foosball is a tabletop version of soccer in which players turn rods fixed on top of a Foosball table and attached to minute figures of players in order to flick the ball and strike it towards the goal.  It’s a game that definitely takes some skills to play and can be played by 2 or 4 players.

Honestly, it’s not that interesting to play against a really good player. It’s a game that can be learned and gets interesting where players with even skills play for fun, competitiveness or weighing opponent’s skills. This is a game that’s really worth playing in a bar.

Bubble Hockey

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Bubble hockey also known as dome, rod, stick or table hockey is a bar game mostly found in amusement halls and arcades. It’s played as a single game but will be more enjoyable if it is played along darts and foosball. The playing field of bubble hokey is covered by a plastic dome. It’s similar to foosball except that in this game you control only a single man rather than the multiple players on each side in Foosball game.


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This is a game that originated from Denmark and it involves angling, banking and plenty of strategies. The klask game board is shaped like a ball field with two deep holes functioning as goals in each end of the field. These holes are called klasks. There are three white magnetic pieces that serve as obstacles.

Your gaming piece is a black magnet handle under the board to control the pieces on top of the game. You should avoid attracting the white obstacles to your side. The aim of the game is to push the small, red ball around the field with your piece and then shoot the ball past the obstacle and your opponent. When the ball ends in your opponents hole, you score a point. It’s a two-players game that takes an average of 15 minutes.


DAGZ is a short form of Dice Angle Games. To play DAGZ, you navigate barriers with dice by bouncing off the surface or wall to access the scoring area. There is a raised barrier between players. The players throw and bank dice over the raised barrier into the scoring area. The scoring area includes a square and a pit. If you hit the square, you get one point and if you hit the pit, you get three points.

This is a fun game that requires some skills and like most of the games, it’s also very addictive. It brings fun just like Bags, Cornhole or Horseshoe. This game is played by 2 or 4 players and can be played both indoors or outdoors. The game boxes are wooden and are available in portable versions for a game room and the bar versions comes with rustic wood table basin holds for the box and your drinks.

Throwing, Aiming and Bowling Bar Games


Dart game is a common game in bars and pubs. It’s a game that can be played by one or more players. This game is usually played for fun and also for competitiveness in a league. To play perfect dart, you require a lot of practice. Start by throwing your darts alone, then you can join some friends and as you perfect it, you can join big leagues for a competitive game.

There are many ways to play and practice darts. These are the traditional games, game variations, and multi-player formats. This is a game that can be played by any one especially if the main goal is fun.


This is a classic arcade game. It’s good for both in doors and outdoor fun. It’s a wooden fildable game that includes 5 balls and 4 scoring hoops. You can play it alone or for more fun, you can invite more players.

It’s a lot of fun. Try the Skee-ball and taste different fun as you get a little away from the usual pool and darts. There are also Skee-ball leagues that you can join in your local bar for more fun and also for sharpening your brains. It can also add you small income in case you participate in a competition and win.

Ring Toss

A ring toss is a game where rings are tossed around a peg. This is a game that is played in bars and pubs in a different and fun way altogether. It’s sometimes referred to as ring-a-bottle. Of course this game fits the environment of a bar since there are many bottles to use. You will only need the rings and some hooks to mount on the wall. When playing this game, the player can still play with his beer in the bottle if successful.

Ring toss is a simple game that is easy to set up and can be played by anyone just for fun. Attach a hook to a rope and swing it towards a ring that’s attached to a post or wall. You aim just like in basketball. Depending on the distance and size of the ring and also the placement of the hook, it can be really difficult to actually score points in this game. In the bar, you can change the rules. You will aim the ring at an upright bottle, when the ring gets onto your beer bottle, you score a point. That’s what makes it so fun.


Bocce game originated from italy. Its also called Italian lawn bowling. It was initially a fully outdoor game among italians and now played as an outdoor bar game in most parts of the world. Its mostly played in outdoor gatherings and social clubs.

The game is simple, played by people of all ages, the skilled ones and also unskilled ones. Since its an outdoor bar game, you can use anything as a bocce court. You can play it on grass, pavements or on the sidewalk. Ensure that the bocce court you choose is a level ground.

This game is like an eight-player soccer. You need bocce balls, bocce court and two teams on each side with even number of players, four on each side. This is a great team game to play for fun at a bar.


This is an outdoor bar game played in clubhouses and bars. Its played by two players using four horseshoes and two stakes. To play this game, you need a big flat area outside your bar which should meet the requirements of the game or you can use any flat area to play for fun. You also need a set  of four horseshoes and two target stakes made of iron or mallet.

Stick the stakes into the ground with a hammer, one at each end of the field and start throwing the horseshoes in turn at the stakes. The horseshoe that land closest or encircles the stake scores points. Only one player can score per round.

Card Games for the Bar


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Cribbage game is also known as crib. It’s a card game played in bars and pubs by 2 or more people. This game has several features i.e. the cribbage board to keep scores, the crib, a box, cards and many more features well explained in the game rules and requirements.

To play this game, you need a pack of 52 cards with jokers. The scores are recorded on a board with four parallel lines of 30 holes each and 2 game holes. A Cribbage board has either 61 or 121 holes used to keep track of points. These boards can have many designs and can be made from different materials.

The objective of the cribbage game is to be the first to move the pegs all the way up and down the board twice and end in the game hole. The game ends when one of the players reaches the final hole. Cribbage is one of those old bar games. It’s simple, fast and very entertaining.

Trivial Pursuit

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This game consists of a board, round playing pieces, question cards, a box, small plastic wedges and a dice. The aim of the game is to move around the board by correctly answering trivia questions. These questions are divided in six categories.

To play this game, move your playing pieces around a wheel-shaped track. This track has six spokes and is divided into triangular parts of different colors and a hexagonal center. When a player’s counter lands on a square, the player is supposed to answer a question. The player who answers the question correctly is allowed to continue with the game. If by any chance the player lands on the center or the hub, the player can answer a question from the category of his choice. Trivia game is a great and interesting bar game. It will keep your clients awake and well entertained.


Playing Cards, Poker, Bridge, Game, Ace

This is one of the most popular bar games in the world. Poker has a very interesting history and I would say it’s the most original bar game in the world. This game involves a collection of cards where players use gambling, strategy and skills to play this game. Poker playing involves a great deal of betting. The winner is determined according to the combination of cards.

The game vary in the number of cards dealt with, the number of shared cards (community cards) and the hidden cards. There are also different betting procedures. This game is a form of gambling where many countries restrict it and term it as illegal game.


Un, Card Game, Cards, Socializing, Color

Where poker is restricted, you can try Uno. This is a fun game to play at a bar. Its simple, intertesting and definitely, the game will keep your customers awake and happy. The game consists of 108 cards of different colors.

To play this game, seven cards are dealt to each player and the remaining top card is flipped over and set aside to begin the discard pile. The aim of this game is to be the first player to score 500 points. This is done by discarding all of your cards and earning points that corresponds to the value of the remaining cards held by your opponents.

There are also action cards, such as skip, draw two and reverse, to make the game even more interesting. When you only have one card left, you shout “UNO!”. This way you know that playing this game in a drinking establishment, will be a lot of fun.


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This is a family-oriented bar game. It consists of two decks of cards. It’s a great game for parties best played with four or more players. To start the game, place a stack of Red Apple Cards and Green Apple Cards in the card tray and select the judge. To choose a judge is not a big deal because eventually everyone will get their turn so it doesn’t matter who starts.

The judge then gives seven Red Apple Cards face down to all players including him or herself. Players should not disclose the contents of their cards to their fellow players. The judge will then take a Green Apple Card from the top of the deck, turns it to face up at the center of the table and reads it aloud. You then select a card from your hand that you think matches the judge’s description.

Board, Strategy and Tile Games


Board, Chess, Chessboard, Black, White

Checkers, also known as droughts is a simple and quiet game, suitable among the more reserved and quiet people who would like to take sometime in the bar, feel entertained but don’t enjoy the noise and a lot of action. There are two main types of checkers; the Anglo-American, originally from France, and the Continental or the Polish version. Anglo-American checkers is played on an 8×8 chechkerboard with 12 pieces while the continental version is played on a 10×10 checkerboard with 20pieces.

There are two players at opposite ends of the board, one payer with dark pieces and the other has light pieces. You follow some specific rules to move the pieces and the player score when he or she jumps over opponents piece. When one player jumps over the other’s piece, that piece is removed from the board. The winner is the player that collects as many opponents’ pieces as possible and in many cases the loser is left without any piece to play with.


Chess, Figures, Chess Pieces, Strategy

Chess is a strategy game played by two players on a chessboard. The chessboard has 64 squares arranged on an 8×8 grid. The chessboard is then placed in such a way that each player on either side has the white or light color square at the bottom right-hand side. The chess pieces are then arranged strategically as per the chess rules.

Chess pieces have names; there is pawns, rooks, knights, bishops and the queen. This game is a bit challenging and complex but it’s one of the most highly regarded games of strategy. Many chess players have a great passion for the game. They play as a friendly game and also as a competition.

Chess has been played in pubs, parlors and bar rooms for many years, and it’s often best enjoyed in social settings among other chess lovers that make these nice drinking establishments even more enjoyable. It’s a real addictive game that requires most of your brains to make successful moves. You can also play this game anywhere so long as you get a playing partner.


Scrabble, Bananagrams, Play, Toys

Bananagrams is a game that involves arranging tiles into a grid of connected words. The main objective is to arrange your tiles faster than your opponents with an aim of being the first to complete a word grid. The tiles comes in a small banana-shaped bag. The game consists of 44 tiles labelled different letters placed face down on the playing surface.

Each player draws the same number of tiles from 11 to 21 tiles depending on the number of players. This is a very interesting game for a bar because it involves a lot of actions that will keep everyone awake. This is a good game for 3-4 people hanging at a bar in the afternoon.

College Inspired Games

Beer Pong

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This game is played by teams of two in which each team takes turn to throw a table tennis ball into the opponent’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent drinks the content. If both teams hit the cup, the game is repeated.

Beer pong is popular in bars, colleges and universities and can also be played in house parties. It’s a game that is said to have been established in a college in New Hampshire. From then it has been a staple game in all college parties and presently available in bars and pubs.

The game of Beer Pong is quite simple, but like all bar games, it takes skills to play.  This game require a substantial amount of alcohol, but you can moderate the amount you pour in each cup, and of course, you can play with empty cups too. But that kind of strategy defeats the purpose, as the real skill is to get good enough to sink consecutive shots, make your opponents drink, and remain standing at your rightful end of the beer pong table.

Flip Cup

This game involves two equal teams of equal number of players standing on opposite sides of the table facing one another directly and a plastic cup of beer is placed at the center. At the start, the initiating player makes a toast after which the first member of each team drinks their entire beer. When they finish the cup is placed open side-up at the edge of the table and the player who drunk it attempts to flip the cup until it lands face down on the table.

If the player is not successful in the first try, the cup is reset and re-flipped. The team that finishes drinking and flipping their cups first wins the game. Like Beer pong, Flip cup is a traditional college drinking game that is making its way into many bars and pubs. Also, Flip cup involves a lot of drinking. It’s a fun game and sometimes played in leagues and tournaments in some countries.


There are very many advantages of having a game or two in your bar. This will keep your guests for long and quite entertained and as a result, they will drink more. There are many games from my list to choose from. Note that picking a game will depend on the location of your establishment, space available and also the social class of your guests.


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